“The colors [of the newsletter] are really lovely — the soft pinks, greens & beiges are feminine but not too much so…. I also really like the layout — on certain pages especially, I really like that flowing movement stuff on the front and back covers, and pages 10-11. I also really like page 3 — the layout of the pictures, especially R’ Yona Arye with Rabbi Esformes in the lower right, with the students as the background — there’s such a wonderful sense of immediacy — I almost feel like I was in that crowd enjoying R’ Esformes words myself. The little graphics, the… telephone, the ribbons & bows in the margins, all make it so interesting to look at … I think the attractive graphics and layouts keep it lively. Devora-Leah with the guitar and the peasant dress (so dated & so charming!), the map, the sneakers, etc are all very nice. Most of the people’s pictures are warm and engaging too (I’m sure that took attention). Overall, kol hakavod… it’s so nice.”

Neve Yerushalayim
New York

“The website Studio613 created for us was out of this world, beyond what we would have expected. Not only are the graphics beautiful, but the site is so user-friendly – we love it. And recently we got a new client who told us that the reason he choose us above the competition was because ours was the best website of them all. So it was worth every penny, and more. We highly recommend Studio613.”

BD Health Services

“Zelda’s work is professional, she has a great eye for design and branding, her prices are reasonable, and she is a pleasure to work with. We always get compliments on the ads she created for us. We highly recommend Studio613!”

Real Painters

“Beautiful!  Not to take away the focus from the content, the graphics and layout are mamesh first class.  Thanks for the dedication – we appreciate it!”

Shomrai Shabbos
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